"Who're you callin' a dummy, dummy?" is a phrase imagined as the only piece of dialogue spoken between two dummies. It was created primarily by Ben and secondarily by Fraser in Part 7 of the Assassin's Creed II long-haul, inspired by the training dummies in Leonardo da Vinci's backyard. Two dummies are to be imagined as speaking to each other, one saying to the other "Who're you callin' a dummy, dummy?", prompting the other to respond "Who're you callin' a dummy, dummy?", ad infinitum. Fraser admitted he could imagine watching this go on for a long time.

During the long-haul of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, Fraser revealed that he and Ben had been thinking of a scenario involving both of them in a ventriloquist's act, with Fraser as the ventriloquist and Ben as the dummy, where they would say the line to each other in turn.

VGA Highlight - Two Dummies too far - New Super Mario Bros05:06

VGA Highlight - Two Dummies too far - New Super Mario Bros. U

The joke sometimes comes up when dummies are involved or spoken about, or when the word "dummy" is mentioned. In the playthrough of New Super Mario Bros. U the joke went so far that Fraser and Ben broke down into hysterical giggles, to the point where Fraser couldn't even speak properly anymore.

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