The French/Italian/Portugesian Japanese Spirit Medium from California.

"That poor French/Italian/Portuguese girl..." - tgorman83 (in the chat room)

It wouldn't quite be Video Games Awesome without some voice acting. Voice acting has been a staple of VGA since the days of Awesome Video Games, but first prominently makes its way into VGA by way of the Earthbound is Awesome shows.

Frequently, the VGA crew will do some voice acting when playing an game wherein they need to read dialogue or when talking in the perspective of a character; although usually the former. Occasionally a voice will be so over the top or offensive that it is obviously an attempt at trolling.

To see a list of different voices for specific games, please see Voice Acting:Games

Voice acting02:42

Voice acting

Tommy Lee Journey - Journey is Awesome! - Highlight03:11

Tommy Lee Journey - Journey is Awesome! - Highlight

An example of Fraser's voice acting talents

Notable Fraser Voices:Edit

Notable Ben Voices:Edit

Notable Kyle Voices:Edit

  • Clowns
  • Old Women (Grandma)
  • Old Men
  • Cowboys

Notable Deacon Voices:Edit

Notable Becky Voices:Edit

  • Uhmmm...herself?
  • Ema Skye (Basically her normal voice but with a plugged nose)
  • Posh/disinterested drawls
  • Becky is the voice of the chat!
  • Love voice
  • French/Italian/Portugesian Japanese Spirit Medium from California mk. II

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