The Perpetual Editing Initiative is a project set up by Fraser to allow fans of the show to create official highlights of Video Games Awesome. There is currently a number of official editors, including MrChrisMad, Seanathan, WarsongLeaders, Aaron Fowkes , Trancilian and Eucalypton, but the project is open to all fans. There is a subforum on the VGA website dedicated to video editors, including a suggestions thread where non-editors can submit ideas for highlights to editors.

The goal of the initiative is to create highlights in the style of "Classic VGA", that is, clips in the style of the VGA show before it started airing live (November 2010). Unfortunately, the official playlist hasn't been updated in months, and no official support has been maintained. The creation of highlights for the show remains an individual endeavor. To see a more up-to-date list of highlights, see VGA Highlights.

The official playlist of VGA highlights can be seen here.

Introducing the Perpetual Editing Initiative!03:52

Introducing the Perpetual Editing Initiative!

Announcement of the initiative

Why Fraser is Right - Wii Party is AWESOME - Highlight02:48

Why Fraser is Right - Wii Party is AWESOME - Highlight

Sample Highlight by MrChrisMad, Classic Style

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