"Ben. Married. A. Cat." - The Chatroom

The Marriage of Snarf & Neko was a landmark occaision on the Video Games Awesome show. After a long flirtation between Snarfy_Snarf and Nekoevangeline, they proposed to be married in the Team Fortress Awesome server.


The courtship began during the Minecraft Awesome Expeditions Episode, when Neko started stalking Snarf during their tour of the server. Snarf was eventually smitten with Neko, and they hashed it out in the TF2 Minecraft map.

TF2! - Minecraft AWESOME Expedition! Part 815:48

TF2! - Minecraft AWESOME Expedition! Part 8

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The ProposalEdit

Team Fortress AWESOME! Romance! - Part 212:40

Team Fortress AWESOME! Romance! - Part 2

During one of the TF2 exhibition matches, Fraser revealed to Ben that NekoEvangeline had bought the "Something Special for Someone Special" item, and named it, "The Cursed Diamond Ring of Undying Love".

Ben accepted Neko's proposal, and there was much foverwhelming enthusiasm from the chatroom.

Post ProposalEdit

Snarf invited Neko to live at Fort Snarf. Neko, ever the perfect housewife, stayed behind for the duration of the show. Fraser wasn't very convinced by Ben's pet names for Neko.

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