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The Little Buzzers is a series of cartoon shorts made in 2005. The characters are generic sprites that can only speak in buzzes, hence the name "Little Buzzers". The main characters are Duncan, the dumb purple sprite, Sedrick, the yellow cone-shaped sprite, and Greevil, the tiny evil green sprite. The three friends have surreal adventures in their world. Other characters include Doctor Kill-Kill/Mr. Murder, Lady Bass, and a robot.

There are ten episodes total. The episodes are available on Far From Subtle's youtube account, on Newgrounds, and also on the dedicated Little Buzzers website by Far From Subtle.


  1. Random Jibberish!
    The Little Buzzers - Episode 1 - Random Jibberish!03:07

    The Little Buzzers - Episode 1 - Random Jibberish!

    First episode of The Little Buzzers

  2. New Stereo
  3. Musical Buzzers
  4. Lady Bass Concert
  5. Poison
  6. Time Flies
  7. The Sedrick Show
  8. Scare-mas
  9. Present Day
  10. i am a robot

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