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The Hub (current)Edit

The Hub is the area that connects all of the serves with portal to all the places, both build challenges and communities.

Here is a list of all the places to go with portals (feel free to add ones that are missing):

Build ChallengesEdit


  • Arkham City
  • Creeper Corners
  • Epsilon Team
  • Historia
  • Insert Name Here
  • Lana Fundamentalis
  • Magician’s Valley
  • Mushie Village
  • New New Spawn City
  • New Old Port
  • New Sprite City
  • Neo Japan
  • New Lakeside
  • Noob Town
  • Obelisk City
  • Ponyville
  • Shin Shiro
  • Renimar
  • Smalltown USA
  • Still Random
  • Tf2Fort & City in the Skys
  • The Empyrean
  • Tortuga City
  • Trollrend
  • Ultra City

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