Check out this futuristic marking!

The Future refers to two distinct concepts in the realm of Video Games Awesome, both of them running gags.

Squidward FutureEdit

"Fuuuu-tuuuure! Fuuuuu-tuuuuure!" -Squidward

Squidward Future is a running gag in VGA referring to the distinctive squeeling noise that Squidward of Spongebob Squarepants makes when he says this in a particular episode. It was picked up by Fraser and was the background noise of sorts during the Minecraft Awesome Future Build.

Legend of Zelda FutureEdit

"And remember, Past not Future." -Becky

In the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, there exists objects called Timeshift Stones that revert everything in the vicinity into a past-time state. However, the ancient past is oddly futuristic, allowing Fraser to mistakenly refer to it as the Future time in and time out. Eventually he grew sick of people correcting him so he started to purposefully call the past the future and then say thing like "We gotta go back to the future, plant it, and then when we come back to the past it will be grown." He cited Footloose as his basis for the understanding of time travel. It is likely this gag will return in the upcoming Back to the Future the Game show.

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