SilentWindODoom is a former moderator for Video Games Awesome. He was often referenced as the AFK mod. Silent has a tendency to log in to minecraft, do something for 5 min, and then leave his computer. This ends up in some creative AFK boxing.

2012-08-21 02.06.55

Silent being AFK boxed by Acevil.

Silent has done a lot of building on the Minecraft Awesome server, both in Old World and in New World.

He has done a lot for the different build challenges.

Builds Edit

Atlantis Build: Nautilus build.

Giant World: Giant NES, Giant Super Nintendo.

Deactor Seuss: The Lorax

Future World: Tomorrowland, The Death Star.

Springfield: Challenge leader, "Simpsons" sign in the clouds, Simpsons house.

Halloween 2011: Leader of classic build, Gracey Manor, classic village.

Christmas 2011: Festivus pole.

Adventure: Warring cults.

Sky Build: Dalaam.

Minecraft Olympics: Challenge leader, Olympic Stadium, Building field, Climbing track.

Besides build challenges, Silent build a lot of stuff for Gotham city. Gotham Subway, Gotham City Hall, Gotham Cathedral, Gotham Transit Authority Headquarters.

Silent has also done the Fraser Cathedral and the Deacon Cathedral.

He is currently building the Minecraft Awesome Museum. Silent is a member of New Old Port, the mod/com community.

Silent is a member of the Edge community. In the Edge Silent is responsible for a lot of the bigger builds, amongst others; The Edgedom tower, Edgepire State building, Edgeminster Palace (in progress) and Bucket Stadium (in progress).


During a game of Draw My Thing, EnterMEUNs depiction of a singer, was Silent.

Silent is also famous for singing whenever he gets the chance. He sang the New Old Port anthem for Olympics build.

On TF2 Silent is usually seen as either a spy or a sniper.

Minecraft Olympics Edit

During the Minecraft Olympics, Silent served as both the co-ordinator and the Olympics official, and singlehandedly put up the flags for first, second and third positions for each event.

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