Vga fan art when fraser met sally by samdesamd-d4jg30w

Sally Demonstrates Sex J's

"It was the best day if my life!!" - Ben

Sex J's are the term used to describe the tit handjobs given by Sally "Big Boobs" McGraw. Sally was first heard of in Episode 15 of VVVVVV is AWESOME, when Fraser and Ben told the tale of the time they won a go-kart. Sex J's didn't get their name until Episode 9 of Modern Warfare 3 is AWESOME when MLG Pro Fraser requested a Sex J for rescuing a woman.

Any form of sex, or any potential sex in a playthrough is now referred to as "Sex J's" by the chat.

Sally "Big Boobs" McGraw is a go-karting enthusiast. While comparing speed clear and fewest death clears of VVVVVV with his mods, Fraser mentions that he once won a go-kart, nullifying all of their prior achievments. Becky confirms, and Ben then tells us that Fraser took him for a ride in it. Upon seeing the two eager lads cruising the town in their fabulous go-kart, Sally "Big Boobs" McGraw offered to give both Ben and Fraser handjobs.... with her tits. This was made possible due to Sally's boobs looking eerily similar to hands.

VGA highlights - Sex J01:44

VGA highlights - Sex J

The Legend of Sally BigBoobs - VGA Highlight - VVVVVV03:34

The Legend of Sally BigBoobs - VGA Highlight - VVVVVV

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