Info censored because Fraser has enough problems.

Many times due to either poor planning or not understanding the game Fraser showed his passwords and/or sensitive information. The usual response to this is:

  • Fraser: tries quickly to hide the information, shout at the viewers to ignore what they are seeing, claim that he does not understand what the game or his computer is doing, tells viewers to not copy down the information, joke that he is about receive charges from pirates.
  • Viewers: Copy down information, screen capture, joke about charging things to Fraser, state that Fraser is going to be involved in criminal activities.
  • Kyle: States that there will be a line of people outside the house and eventually people sleeping on the porch.
  • Becky: Jump in front of the screen to hide what is going on.
  • Ben & Deacon: Make random noises, possibly in attempt to distract the veiwers.

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