Minecraft Awesome is Awesome is a series created by VGA fan PdW2kX. In this series, PD journeys and explores around the Minecraft Awesome server and highlights the many communities the server has to offer. This series often covers many parts of the server not covered in the Video Games Awesome's Minecraft Episodes, as most are geared toward the server's monthly Build Challenges.

PD's series became popular as a chance for community leaders to showcase their towns to others; Mellisbaker in particular has toured Pd around some of the mod-exclusive communities on the server such as New Old Port. The series also covers some community-created events such as the Minecraft Awesome WAR.

New episodes are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The series can be viewed on PD's Youtube Channel here.

Minecraft Awesome Is Awesome Episode 1 Touring The Crapshack07:44

Minecraft Awesome Is Awesome Episode 1 Touring The Crapshack

First Episode

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