The Minecrat Awesome WAR was a community-created event that was held on the server in the summer of 2011. It was a capture the flag game featuring multiple factions;

  • Red Team
  • Purple Team
  • Blue Team, a neutral faction in the middle. Whoever controlled Blue Base recieved a prize.
  • The Peace Corps, a neutral group of volunteers that gave food to the combatants. They were lead by Meguzara.

The War was filmed by Pdw2kx for his Minecraft Awesome is Awesome series; episodes 40 to 46 covers the entirety of the match.

The game, being the first of its kind held on the server, was a bit of an experiment and proved to be a long and arduous stalemate. This was due partly to Blue base standing directly between Red and Purple, and partly because both teams hid their flags very, very well. Eventually the Mods and even Fraser joined in the fight, at which point the war descended into anarchy and all sense of strategy was thrown out the window. The game was declared a stalemate, though plans for a new and improved war game were made for the future.

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