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Cobble Box on the left, Dirt spikes & Turbo Bowl on the right

The Minecraft Awesome Anniversary marked the first-year anniversary of the Minecraft Awesome Server. The event comprised of a series of events recreating famous moments from the server's history.

The whole episode can be seen here.

The first event was from the days of the publicserver, when Fraser tried to get away from everyone by building a dirt tower over the spawn point. Everyone would build their own dirt towers and try to knock fraser off by jumping off their own. Mass suicides ensued.

The next event was the creation of a giant pit, where the users dug as far as they could. This was dug out to create the Turbo Stick Bowl, where Team Blow and Team Snarf competed in a match of Turbo Sticks. While Turbo Sticks is a non-contact sport, the spot ended in a major bloodbath.

The third even was the creation of a giant 64x64x64 cobblestone box. The box was completely dark, and spawned several mobs for the players to fight for various place torches. These gauntlet matchs were against both various spawned mobs and the players themselves.

The final competition was a PVP obstacle course to destroy a block; the first to make it past cactus, dirt, lava and slimes and mined the Lapis Lazuli wins.

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In memory of the original Giga Tree, players regrew the Giga Tree from scratch, a towering monolith that was the pride of the original Spawn City which was destroyed by griefers. The tree stood as a testament to the early days of the server, and as a warning to griefing.

Next the builders created a field of cocks on Fraser's command, including a massive one made of diamonds using payments for portals. While Fraser had the lofty intention of making the biggest Legitimate diamond cock ever made, it ended up much shorter than aniticipated.

Towards the end of the field of dicks, the mods disguised themselves as mobs again and started dancing to the music, much to the confusion of Fraser. (No we didn't, thus adding more confusion - MrChrisMad) This preceded the final segment devoted exclusively to trolling, with mass qunatities of Deacon signs, crouch rooms, green couches, and griefing. Some were extra cheeky and made Fraser signs the one time he asked for Deacon signs, with sever intentional misspelling, including Freakon from Portal 2. Even Ben and Becky joined in on the trolling. Fraser retaliated by dropping a blanket of TNT on the area. He then encouraged the players to search the crater for exposed ores, to which he covered them with lava.

The final segment ended with the ceremonial lighting of the Giga Tree, a bad impromptu rap, and a dance party.

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