&nbsp "We're soaking in ALL the Koodoos." -Fraser AgarKudos

Koodoos is a form of Big Ups that is received whenever Fraser and the gang beat a level, get an acheivement, or really anything of accomplishment. Fraser usually claims to that they are 'soaking in the Koodoos' when something of note happens, although Fraser actually invokes the term more than the chat.

The term originated in the VVVVVV playthrough when Fraser meant to ask for kudos for performing a particular part, but mispronounced the word as "koodoos" leading to the chat giving him "koodoos", "cuudoos", or "Quudoos", leading Fraser to replace kudos with koodoos for all time.

The gang finally received their koodoos at PAX East 2012 from DawnHawk in the form of "Kudos" bars.

PAX People! - PAX East 2012 Wrap Up! AWESOME! - Part 222:05

PAX People! - PAX East 2012 Wrap Up! AWESOME! - Part 2

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