Cats make everything better!

"Not everything can be a kitty."

"I say everything can be a kitty. What're you gonna say about it?" - Ben and Fraser

The Kitty running gag refers to Fraser's tendency to refer to any animal at all as a kitty, even if it isn't even remotely cat-like. This first occurred during the Skyward Sword live show with the Remlits and persisted into many a show after. Not to be confused with Kitty Glitter.

Things Fraser has referred to as kitties include:

  • Frogs
  • Remlits
  • Kikwis
  • Snarf
  • Giant Spiders
  • Buzzsaw Blades
  • Goggies
  • Deacon Publicover
  • Swordpigs
  • Moldarach
  • The Imprisoned
  • The Cloth people in Journey
  • The Cloth "Jellyfish" in Journey
  • Geth Stalker in Mass Effect
  • Geth Armature in Mass Effect
  • Varren in Mass Effect (aka Dog Kitties, Doggy Kitties and Doggies)
  • Sovereign in Mass Effect
  • Saren in Mass Effect
  • FENRIS Mechs in the Mass Effect series
  • The Tank-Grown Krogan in Mass Effect 2
  • A mechanic on Horizon in Mass Effect 2
  • The injured salarian worker in Mass Effect 2
  • Geth Colossus in Mass Effect 2
  • Vertin from Mass Effect 2 is a "bad kitty"
  • Harvesters from Mass Effect 2
  • Space cows from Mass Effect 2
  • Agents of the Shadow Broker from Mass Effect 2
  • A shuttle from Mass Effect 2
  • Levias
  • The Fire Dragon
  • Demise is apparently an "Ugly Kitty"
  • R2D2, the original kitty
  • Ms. Fortune
  • A Luma from Super Mario Galaxy is a Star Kitty
  • Hardhat Beetles from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
  • A chimaera from Dragon's Dogma
  • The dragon from Dragon's Dogma
  • A troll from Dragon's Dogma
  • Hankoner, one of Fraser's Skyrim characters while he was being customised
  • Khajiit from Skyrim
  • Lions
  • A mutilated spider from LIMBO
  • The frog (or possibly pug) that caused it to rain in LIMBO
  • The "brain slugs" from LIMBO
  • The predators of the "brain slugs" from LIMBO
  • A killer buzzsaw from LIMBO
  • Scientists
  • An artifact from Mark of the Ninja
  • Aiden from Beyond: Two Souls

Also of note: Becky's dog in Minecraft Awesome, Pokey, meows instead of barks.