keww keeew

"Blew blew, Mew mew, and Keww Keww." -Becky

Keww Keww! is a running gag that has its origins in Episode 21 of Skyward Sword is AWESOME!. It is unique in being one of the few running gags the show didn't pick up right after its inspiration occurred. It refers to the Kikwi Elder's very loud and deep "Keww Keww!" sounds during his speech. Fraser and Ben picked up on it, and now it is a frequent sound within Team Fortress Awesome, somewhat due to it sounding like "QQ".

KingKwi! - Skyward Sword is AWESOME! - Part 2114:29

KingKwi! - Skyward Sword is AWESOME! - Part 21

"Keww Keww" origin at 2:29

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