Fraser plays skyward sword by renegade hamster-d4pl3lf

How MLG Pros fight Girahim.

"Uuuurgh...Hnnng...Arrrrghh....I'M THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!" -Fraser, during the credits of Skenwred Wold.

"I'm the Legend of Zelda, Goddammit!" is what Fraser calls himself during the Skyward Sword playthrough when he is rejected and then he states this as a comeback. This is referenced in the Christmas Skyrim playthrough when he names his character "The Legend of Hanka".

It has become a battle cry similar to "MLG!!!"
I'm the legend of zelda damnit!00:30

I'm the legend of zelda damnit!

Where Frasher started saying "I'm the legend of zelda, damnit!"

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