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Frash Frash playing badminton without a racquet, like an MLG pro.

Fraser's Dicktionary refers to Fraserisms, VGA memes, and terms that Fraser defines incorrectly, sometimes to troll the chat and the crew.

The DicktionaryEdit

Here is a list of terms in Fraser's Dicktionary

Underdog: The person who has the least amount of people cheering for them, not the person least likely to win.

Motion Controls: The shittiest controls ever but the best to use for a show.

Quick Start Guide: a waste of paper only idiots read.

12 year olds: 1. The age of someone who doesn't know what does this means. 2. Everyone in the chatroom.

Pussy Wrists: when ones wrist is not able to handle the pressure of tapping a button repeatedly in Mario Party. Signs of Pussy Wrists may be the person is wearing wrist braces, or is constantly whining about carpal tunnel.

Dyslexic Fuck: Someone who could possibly be dyslexic but more likely is just having trouble reading the dialogue on screen out.

Sacred Water: A liquid best suited for watering the floor.

Kitty: Everything.

Keys (alt. Keese): Bats.

Small Key: Any key. Sometimes aren't small. Unrelated to Keys.

Deacon: Something that is so wimpy/pathetic that for it to even exist is an affront to the natural order of the world.

Deacon Beacon: A faux pau that is said because of its rolling off the tongue value. Refers to a beacon in LoZ:SS.

MLG: used in reference to an act within the game that was so incredibly skilled, a professional video game player must be the cause.

Pussy: 1. Anyone who appears to be introverted, polite, or non-confrontational in nature. 2. A cat

Douche: any man who displays emotion

Lanaryu Desert: Proper pronunciation, lampshade desert. An area in skyward sword that is a desert in the present, and lush in the past.

Badminton: A game best played with each player flying an open cockpit plane. One player must constantly yell “ba ba bum bum” to distract the other.

Crono: Name giving to someone that is a baby.

Hanko/Hanka/Hank: Name giving to someone that is strong.

Fan/Fanatic: Person who is super obsessed with something.

Flower: A plant with an opening just waiting to be fucked

Sex J’s: The best thing you could possibly ever get from a woman and/or the reason for rescuing Zelda in Skyward Sword

PooYoo: a really annoying childish immature low life not very fun… Thing! Usually associated with people who are in the Shadow Chat by people in the Turbo Club

City Escape: A musical composition in a video game where the original version is worse than it’s remix. The remix is none too good either.

First try!: Congratulatory message gave by the chat when it takes more than 1 try to beat something.

Frage Quit: when a game is so boring/ so upsetting it makes you say “FUCK THIS SHIT!” and either turn the game off or restart to the main menu. Example: Assassin's Creed.

Fuck Me: A response to anything negative. Might have something to do with being insecure? (U mad Fwash Fwash?)

Unsubbing: See *RageQuit

Rage Quit: See *Frage

Frage: See *Agar

Agar: Synonym for angry.

MLG: Fraser when he does well at something (pronounced: “Em-El-JEEEEEEEEEEE!”)

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