Fraser Fraging at the controller in VVVVVV

Frage refers specifically to the type of rage Fraser can succumb to during a live show. If Fraser is being beaten hard by a frustrating game such as VVVVVV, Duke Nukem Forever, or Babysitting Mama, or if he is being trolled by the chatroom, he can get less than happy. The phrase was coined during the Sonic Generations episode when the challenge levels started to piss Fraser off.

Things that result in FrageEdit

Measurement of FrageEdit


Scientific Frage Graph

Scientifically Frage is measured the same way as sound, as it fluctuates at certain amounts in a given time. (per sec/per min)

Frage fluxations are very well known to change drastically over time which still baffles scientists today. The sudden highs of pure concentrated Frage are often followed by a huge drop and if intercepted by a human, can cause shear amounts of joy usually uncommon in a human psyche and anatomy. (ie: running throught the streets naked laughing).

Rarely, repeated Frage peaks can result in a Frage Quit.

Frage in the MediaEdit

VVVVVV is BROKEN!-002:58


Video Games AWESOME! - Fractice Mode00:45

Video Games AWESOME! - Fractice Mode


Video Games AWESOME! - Frage-000:31

Video Games AWESOME! - Frage-0

Video Games AWESOME! - Fractice Mode-000:45

Video Games AWESOME! - Fractice Mode-0

Frage Compilation Part 205:37

Frage Compilation Part 2

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