"My goal is to offend every race in each episode, just to make it fair." - Fraser

"I want to say that's racist, but I don't know who it's racist to!!" - The Chatroom

As everyone knows, Fraser is one of the most culturally sensitive people of all time.

Of course, any long-time viewer knows nothing on the show is sacred, and he rarely ever means what he says.

Fracist FactsEdit

Did you know...Edit

  • ... that Japan and France are the same country?
  • ... that the national hat of Germany is the Fez?
  • ... that Germans are actually choking on their own language?
  • ... that the primary language of China is "Ching Chong"?
  • ... that JFK was an Australian?
  • ... that the people who live on the Asian Steppes are called "Mongorians"?
  • ... that normal-looking drug dealers are black?
  • ... that the Dutch rape sasquatches?
  • ... that Jesse Owens apparently never won any gold medals because Fraser thinks Hitler banned all black people in the Olympics?
  • ... that the Dutch are just are a cross-breed between the Irish and the Swedish?
  • ... that Samurai are Chinese?
  • ... that the music piece "Chopsticks" is the same as the Oriental riff?
  • ... that the music of the Holy Land is Christmas Carols and Bing Crosby songs?
  • ... that a Jewish place of worhsip is called a "Jew House"?
  • ... that Canada's culture revolves around knowing nothing about other cultures?
  • ... that the writer of "The Art of War" was Shang Tsung?
  • ... that German singing is just yelling?
  • ... that no English person has ever done a piece of art?
  • ... that all southern Italians are plumbers?

Examples of Fracists/Fracism:Edit

Video Games AWESOME! - The Frasher Conspiracy00:34

Video Games AWESOME! - The Frasher Conspiracy

Fraser's insights into other cultures are astounding.

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Nothing potentially offensive here.

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