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Welcome to the tribe, Frajew.

"When Fraser was in Egypt Land... Let my Turbos Go..." - The Chat

During the Skyward Sword episode 125, Fraser mentioned how he had a dream that he was Jewish and his family were all comedians and would party all the time. He considered all the fringe benefits and even considered converting to Judaisim. The chat came up with a few names for him if he converts, such as Frajew Agarstein.

Occaisionally Fraser would adopt a very thick stereotypical jewish accent during the show, and say things such as "Feel my Witgheous Vengeance!"

Apparently Fraser claims his dream is enough experience to make him an authority on being Jewish.

DAMN CUBES! - Skyward Sword is AWESOME! - Part 12528:27

DAMN CUBES! - Skyward Sword is AWESOME! - Part 125

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