2012-02-20 20.30.19

Fort Snarf in all it's glory.

Fort Snarf is the home of Fraser, Becky, Ben and Deacon on the Minecraft Awesome server. Named after Ben, Fort Snarf is the first building the team ever created, and was home to the survival episodes where Ben, Becky and Deacon played Minecraft for the first time. Neko has also started honeymooning with Ben here, too.

Fort Snarf began as a hastily constructed shack, but evolved into a beautiful work of art as the team's building skills improved. Fort Snarf is also home to Ruddadog's grave.

The Fort is on an island currently inaccessible to players on the map, and is the starting point of the Adventure Build Challenge. The cave containing the cursed compass is located a short trip away from the fort itself.

Despite the invisible barrier, Becky discovered a way off the island and made it as far as the central hub of the server.

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