This is what slashfic writers actually believe.

"That's going in the fanfic." -Virtually everyone at some point

Fanfic Material. Everything can be fanfic material. And by that I mean that everything said by the VGA crew can be reinterpreted and put into an extremely erotic fanfiction about unspeakable atrocities. During some live shows in fall of 2011, Fraser began to be increasingly more vulgar regarding his co-hosts. Therefore,

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the public took notice. The chat first fot the idea of creating a fanfic using quotes from the show out of context in the Gears of War Co-op part 2 episode. Putting things into their 'fanfic' became popular, usually as a means of trolling Fraser for saying something so weird, stupid, or mean-spirited. Fanfic material usually comes from Fraser, Becky, and Ben. Occasionally fanfic material will come out of the chatroom, pointed out by the VGA crew.
Video Games AWESOME! - Fanfic00:45

Video Games AWESOME! - Fanfic

Ben in particular is quite vulnerable to potential fanfics; he would frequently make suggestive comments as far back as Let's Play Ballerina, and while he has "married" Neko since then, he's still as raunchy as ever.

In typical fanfic fashion, the chatroom has pointed out that Fraser's apparent hatred for Deacon must mean he's actually in love.

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