Asuras wrath host a lot of fools!

"FOOL! You cannot hurt me with my own sword! That only makes me stronger!!!" - Angus

FOOL! is the favored phrase used by Fraser and the chat to describe over-the-top, poorly dubbed anime. The phrase began with the Asura's Wrath episode, where Fraser observed that with such overpowered characters as Asura, there's no frame of reference for how they compare to different threats. He then started using the word "FOOL!" at the beginning of each sentence to satirize anime dialogue, such as with the line, "FOOL! That cannot defeat me!!".

As is usual, the chat picked up the phrase and used it as a way to troll Fraser whenever he'd fail at something.

You dun Goofed Gods! - Asura's Wrath is AWESOME! - Part 509:59

You dun Goofed Gods! - Asura's Wrath is AWESOME! - Part 5

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