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  • June 15: VGA gets its adsense back, and will now be posting on both Youtube and Blip. Also, promises to broaden the Turbo Club into a service.
  • June 11: Fraser suggested a limited run VGA shirts designed by fans, available only by pre-order before they get sold out.
  • June 4: The Sky Build Challenge has finally been announced. Submissions are now closed; the Build show will air at an unknown time.
  • May 27: Fraser announced on the Show & Trailer Ketchup! Episode that a new server will soon be added to the Turbo Club for the game KillFunYeah. Fraser has also contacted the makers of the game, and they will possibly appear some time on the show.

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The Mod ReportEdit

A weekly report by Moderator CliffJameston, updated every SundayEdit

  • If you're going to get into an arguement on the server, don't go about killing anyone.
  • New Patch to the Minecraft server will attempt to fix teleportation glitches
  • New round of TF2 map voting

View the full report here.

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Article of the WeekEdit


"Can you imagine? You troll someone, and then you just immediately masturbate?" -Fraser

People on Video Games Awesome love to troll. It's become a part of the show. But it's always good-natured and very humorous to watch. This page lists the many instances of trolling on the shows.


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  • Mikey McMuffin's TF2 Tournament (TBA)

Community Article of the WeekEdit

Boot Hill HeroesEdit

Boot Hill Heroes is an independently developed Western RPG by Experimental Gamer. It features Earthbound style graphics, four-player co-op, and a cinematic story reminiscent of Spaghetti Westerns. Fraser premiered the Kickstarter project for this game on the April 2012 edition of Show & Trailer, revealing himself to already be one of the backers for the game.


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