Do You Like Duck Hunt? is a joke invented by Fraser in episode 3 of the Resistance 3 playthrough (7:00 in). [[the chat|
Dikey duck

Do you?

]]When Fraser asked which game had come out that year that was also exclusive to the PS3, someone in the chat responded "Duck Hunt" When Fraser read it out loud, Ben cracked up, because the way Fraser said it, it sounded like "Duck Cunt."

Fraser then borrowed the classic "Do You like Fish Sticks" joke from South Park, and modified it into his own version, "Do You Like Duck Hunt? Then you're a dikey duck!" Fraser claims that it is the female inversion of the Fish Sticks joke that can be used to make them sound like lesbians, as the original joke is used to make guys, such as Kanye West, sound gay.

Duckhunt U - Not on Wii U00:53

Duckhunt U - Not on Wii U

My Mallard is Ready

As a prank, Fraser had Mellisbaker and MrChrisMad create a fake trailer for Duck Hunt U on the E3 2012 Extravaganza, with the tagline, "Do U like Duck Hunt?"

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