"DICKWAD! '☜(゚ヮ゚☜)'" - Becky

"...who are you???" - Fraser DICKWAD! is a catchphrase of Becky and says it occaisionally on the show, mostly for trolling Fraser. She first used it on the show during the Gears of War 3 playthrough (11:39 in) while repeating what the characters were saying, to Fraser's irritation. On occaision she'd bring back "Dickwad!" in various games to annoy Fraser.

Video Games AWESOME! - Becky Sucks At Trolling04:06

Video Games AWESOME! - Becky Sucks At Trolling

The Evolution of Dickwad

The most famous instance is when she said it during the legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword episode 146 'Fire Sanctuary', where Becky pointed double guns while saying "Dickwad!" This has become her official trollface.

As usual, the chat ate it up and ran with it, saying "DICKWAD!" in various situations. Fraser, however, seems to hate the word, for undisclosed reasons.

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