The never-ending war to remind Deacon of his heritage.

"Fraser: Nobody is gonna laugh at my nonflaming stick again... They did that in high school.

Ben: Or as I call it... Cry School."/ Rage playthrough part 4

Cry School was first mentioned in the Rage play through part 4.

It's a special school where losers go to learn. They don't go to a regular school like MLG Pros, though. They just sit there and what do they do in cry school? They cry. All the time. About how big of a failure they are at life and every conceivab
VGA highlights Cry School02:43

VGA highlights Cry School

le thing in the universe. Some VGA members may break the Cry School mold, but usually Cry School is intended to break someone's spirit and let them known just how truly pathetic they really are. A member of VGA's cast, Deacon Publicover, has been to Cry School where he spent many years. Deacon, however, does not seem to have come to grips with how pathetic he is, something that Fraser constantly reminds him of.

Apparantly Deacon was the Cry School Tear Book editor and the captain of the Foot Bawl team.

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