Couchy is the couch that the FFS crew sits on and plays video games on. Old couchy was retired in 2010 and went to couch heaven. They now have a new couchy, but will be remembered forever.  

Red Couchy Edit

Red couchy was introduced in 2016, she replaced New couchy and is pretty AWESOME with reclining seats and removable headrests. Becky made a black cover for it, but it is forever red. She made her début in episode 2 of Fran Bow AWESOME! Red couchy was bought due to Fraser's increasingly worsening back pains during the Apollo Justice playthrough.

New CouchyEdit

New couchy

New couchy

New couchy was used until 2016 until Red couchy replaced him. From mario games to need for speed, the crew uses this couch for everyday gaming. He is great but will never be as good as the one and only old Couchy

Old CouchyEdit

Couchy old

Old couchey with the crew on it.

Old couchy is a memorable couch. He was used for a long time, but was retired in 2010. Couchy will be missed from all the good times.

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