Convention Episodes are Show & Trailer episodes of Video Games Awesome that cover various gaming conventions. VGA visits some conventions with some on-the-floor footage. Most convention episodes include a pre-con show to prep the gang, and a post-con show to display all the footage they've collected.


E3 2010Edit

PAX 2010Edit


E3 2011Edit

PAX Prime 2011Edit

Minecon 2011Edit


Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo 2012Edit

  • Not a typical Show & Trailer episode, but Fraser filmed himself speaking for a panel here.
    Cool as ace

    Fraser does the "Cool as Ace" hand sign.

PAX East 2012

E3 2012Edit

PAX Prime 2012


PAX East 2013Edit

E3 2013Edit

PAX Prime 2013Edit


PAX East 2014Edit

E3 2014Edit

2015 Edit

PAX EAST 2015 Edit

PAX SOUTH 2015 Edit

PAX PRIME 2015 Edit

E3 2015 Edit

2016 Edit

E3 2016 Edit

PAX WEST 2016 Edit

PAX SOUTH 2016 Edit

2017 Edit

PAX SOUTH 2017 Edit

E3 2017 Edit

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