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Not the Daming we had in mind...

"Oh, for Cod's Sake!" - The Chatroom

Cod Dammit! is a simple Play-on-words of God Dammit. Originally, it came from the LIMBO episode when Fraser mispronounced the G as a C, then decided to make a pun out of it When said, Fraser would imagine an actual fish deity with lightning bolts, who in his scaly justice would say, "Cod Dammit? Okay then, I will damn it. DAMN IIIIIIT."

The Chat was quick to start making fan art and fish puns, as Ben requested.

Fish Puns:Edit

  • In Cod We Trust
  • Thank Cod
  • Cod Dammit, You Basshole!
  • Holy Mackerel!
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Aquaman in particular fears Almighty Cod.

Lord of the Flies! - LIMBO is AWESOME! - Part 817:00

Lord of the Flies! - LIMBO is AWESOME! - Part 8

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