First Minecraft cock

The very first cock from the original Minecraft videos.

"I found a very haunting cock in the forest." -Deacon

Cocks are a frequent sight among the Minecraft Awesome server, being the subject of God's amusement and Becky's admiration. Cocks are usually built with a line of 3 blocks of any material, with two blocks on top of the middle one. The first (and deformed) cock was built in the original Minecraft is AWESOME! show, and the cocks got their current shape in the Minecraft Awesome server tour.

Cocks have been seen in every build since, and most notably appeared in the Minecraft Awesome Anniversary. In this appearance, a series of cocks was live built in a cock field of sorts, with a giant diamond cock reigning supreme over them.

LAVA COCK! - Minecraft AWESOME! Server Tour! - Part 4

LAVA COCK! - Minecraft AWESOME! Server Tour! - Part 4

Diamond cock

The giant diamond cock in the Anneversery Build.