The Video Games Awesome crew has played many a game. During these play sessions, they have met many an interesting character. This page aims to chronicle every notable character interpretation in VGA History in alphabetical order. Feel free to add any you feel is worth mentioning.



Augus/Angus is Asura's perpetually laughing sensei and love interest. According to Ben his ideals of life being nothing but alcohol, women, food, and fighting are extremely correct, and the chatroom has dubbed him "Best Character Guy". He has a veeeery beautiful friend and a sword that cracks Fraser up.


1. A whiny superhero with no powers who constantly reminds people his parents are dead and is best set to cheesy 60's music. Stares at his weapons and admires them greatly.

2. 47Drift


A student at the Knight Academy with a crush on The Legend of Zelda who is extremely weak, scrawny, and picked on by much greater men. He has a very pathetic voice, and all these traits together made Fraser decide to dub him "Deacon" which he is forever known as. Fraser has said Fledge is way too manly of a name for a moron that wimpy. Later, the Legend of Zelda gets him addicted to Steroids, and he can now lift pumpkins as a result.


One messed up motherfucker. A sadistic pink menace who pulls apart innocent creatures who only want to live in peace. His murderboner is perpetually raging. Once hijaked Krang's robot suit and became Krangby, but was defeated by Abobo.


The manliest character in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. According to Fraser, he's a jerk but its hard not to love him. After quickly overcoming his fear of the new land beneath the clouds, he grow to love it and called it Grooseland, which is how the crew refers to it ever since. Manlier than the Legend of Zelda, he builds the Groosenator to defeat the evil giant Pinecone. All he ever wanted was someone to protect, and got that with Grannie. According to Fraser, he needs to get together with Ghirahim.