Minecraft future tgwtg

The VGA crew touring the Future Build Challenge

Build Challenges are the main feature of the Minecraft Awesome server, and always have a live show dedicated to exploring them. Every few weeks, Fraser announces a new theme for the next build challenge, in which members of the Minecraft Awesome server compete to build the best builds for that theme. After the challenge is completed, the entire cast exhibits the builds, much to their awe, during a live show. The challenges began shortly after opening the server to members, and have since become the mainstay of it. They are among the biggest and most popular hotspots besides the active communities. Some special challenges are Live Builds, which are built completely on the spot during the show.

The Build Challenges are, in Chronological Order:

Minecraft AWESOME 1.0Edit

Live BuildsEdit

Minecraft AWESOME 2.0Edit

Live BuildsEdit

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