Story of Becky's life.

Bugger Butt Ball Bitch is a joke of the show and chat that first occured on the January 5th Mario Kart stream. It first started with Becky saying "Son of a balls" more than once on a single track. It then escalated into "Bugger Butt Bitch"

Ben then said "Ball Shit!" on the 1/10/12 Skyward Sword Stream.

Video Games AWESOME! - Someone Has A Potty Mouth lol02:40

Video Games AWESOME! - Someone Has A Potty Mouth lol

This video just scratches the surface.


  • Ball shit!
  • Son of a Balls!

The chat soonly adopted making puns with Bugger, Butt, and Balls/Ball. The chat notified Becky of her constant swearing that they adopted a "Becky Swear Count" which got to 9 times in one track!

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