Relation to vgaEdit

Blitzmunk was on the mgs 5 demo episode . He is the younger brother of fraser agar.Any time his less mlg brother (fraser) died , he would tell an embassering story about fraser. Fraser died a lot . hes real name is nathan agar.


<blitzmunk> -just got here have they played infamous yet

< blitzmunk> -kk thanks kassi 199

<blitzmunk>-he (fraser) was a major ass

<blitzmunk>-when he wasnt sleeping

<blitzmunk>-indeed i am

<blitzmunk>-younger than frash

<blitzmunk>-well ben and frash used to share a track suit

<blitzmunk>-our parents thought they were gay

<blitzmunk>-that ben and frash were gay cause they shared beds,tracksuits etc

<blitzmunk>- its not snake ...

<blitzmunk>-frash would make me put a peice of dry pasta in my mouth so when i bit down it would crack so when he twisted my neck in front of my parents they thought that he had broken my neck

<blitzmunk>-during the fall fair parade in my town fraser and ben sprinted the entire length of the parade shirtless

<blitzmunk >-yeah fraser and ben have known eachother forever

<blitzmunk>-fraser used to have a show "little buzzers " it was featured on tv but the woman who introduced pronounced both his first and last name wrong

<blitzmunk>-once fraser was on the local news . the company he worked for needed an employee to be interviewed for a fluff piece . he was asked how much people should water their lawns . he said they need like 8 inches of water XD

<blitzmunk>-lol 8 inches covering there entire lawn

<blitzmunk>-l;ike submerging your lawn

<blitzmunk>-much better

<blitzmunk>-i dont have enough stories for how bad fraser is

<blitzmunk>-he dies to often

<blitzmunk>-lol watching titanfall was painful

<blitzmunk>-i grew up watching him suck at mgs

<blitzmunk>-lol when compared to frash we are all mlg

<blitzmunk>-even chat

<blitzmunk>-tapping is a myth

<blitzmunk>-fraser would rage so hard the mgs series . hed restart the game every time he gets seen

<blitzmunk>-lol frash always got the ending with otacon

<blitzmunk>-nathan drakes okay i guess

<blitzmunk>-aaaaaal the deaths


<blitzmunk>-kinda local

<blitzmunk>-one of frasers best shows was "romero and ricky" he used two of my old action figures with mustaches made of plastercine attached

<blitzmunk>-fraser used to have hair0_0

<blitzmunk>-fraser sold his  copy of earthbound to buy a playstation

<blitzmunk>-frash and ben once failed a mission in a bond game 3 times cause they were using a sniper rifle to zoom in on the girl that they were supposed to rescues chest. the time ran out every time and she drowned XD

<blitzmunk>-well chat i think i have to get going

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