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Frash Frash playing badminton without a racquet, like an MLG pro.

*Intense game of badminton*

BA DUM BUM BUM!" -That goddamn cat

Ba dum bum bum is a VGA meme, coming from the Rhythm Heaven is Awesome! show. The game Air Rally in that title features a very strangely-voiced cat that plays badminton whilst flying against a dog. The game is pretty difficult, but not for standard reasons. The reason the game is difficult is because of the cat's ungodly hilarious voice and the way he says one particular phrase: "Ba DUM bum bum!". Fraser cannot keep a straight face during this game and as a result fails frequently at it. The cat has 4 different recordings of this particular sound, and which one he will screech depends on the point in the song. Three of these occasions has the cat full on yelling the line.

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