B-B-Boobies! is a running joke in Video Games Awesome originating in the Phoenix Wright is Awesome! shows. In

the second court period of the third case, Fraser starts to imagine Phoenix going completely infantile at the mere sight of his mentor, Mia Fey's, cleavage. As such, his voice changes to that of a whining gasping infant who can do nothing more than repeat "B-B-Boobies!" multiple time and make motorboat noises. Phoenix slips into this voice whenever he's around(and not cross-examining) an attractive woman. Phoenix has also been known to switch into this voice when stressed.

In typical trolling fashion, Fraser absolutely adores this voice. Response from Becky, Ben, and The Chat, however, has not been so good. Fraser continues to do the voice anyway, fully knowing that it irks his co-hosts and viewers. Becky in particular really dislikes it.

VGA Highlight - B-B-B-BOOBIES - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

VGA Highlight - B-B-B-BOOBIES - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney